Modern Standard Arabic

Lessons: Preface, Table of Content, User Instructions, Abbreviations


Preface Modern Standard Arabic responds to the challenges of both professional praxis and academic training by using enhanced technical components. It is therefore available in the traditional style of the printed book as well as an e-edition for laptops, netbooks, or tablet PC where all audio files and drills can be activated by mouse click […]

Table of contents

Table of contents المحتويات Table of contents المحتويات Preface XIII المقدمة User Instructions XIV إرشادات للمتعلمين والمعلمين Abbreviations XVI قائمة الاختصارات   Lesson 1 1 الدرس الأول 1. The Arabic letters and their pronunciation 3 ١) الْحُرُوفُ الْعَرَبِيَّةُ وَمَخَارِجُهَا 2. Short vowels and other auxiliary signs 5 ٢) الْحَرَكَاتُ 3. The alphabet 6 ٣) الْحُرُوفُ […]

User instructions

User instructions The following guidelines and suggestions will help students and instructors to use the book in the most successful way. Modern Standard Arabic is based on 24 lessons. After each six lessons an intensive review period is scheduled, which concurrently will prepare students for exams and quizzes. Every lesson is structured into sections for […]


Abbreviations   A. accusative a.o. among others coll. collective noun colloq. colloquial language def. definite e.g. for example eg. Egyptian engl. Englisch f. feminine Fr. French G. genitive geogr. geography indef. indefinite intr. intransitive lit. literally m. masculine N. nominative o.s. oneself P. person p. page pl. plural pron. suf. pronominal suffix R1 1. root […]