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Modern Standard Arabic
Digital and hybrid solutions

Dear colleagues, dear students,
Since, due to Corona, courses are expected to run entirely or partially online in the winter semester 2021, we would like to draw your attention to the e-Edition which is proving to be very sustainable in the times of Corona.

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We offer in the e-Edition:
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  1. appr. 8000 audio files for listening comprehension in the standard language and in 4 main dialects
  2. Computerized tasks for correct pronunciation and writing, grammar, and vocabulary
  3. Translation exercises, fill in the blanks and multiple choice
  4. Solution key: Simply place the mouse where a solution should appear.
  5. e-tests for each lesson, e.g. e-Test 1 or e-Test 4
  6. Data protection according to the requirements of the GDPR
  7. Teachers get free access to the edition for teachers.
  8. Teachers can send homework from the e-Edition directly to the students.
  9. Tasks can be corrected and evaluated together.
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If you want to teach or learn Arabic well even in times of limited possibilities, then you should first look at the e-Edition.

Thank you
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