How to setup Zoom API keys

Generating API Key and Secret

For this plugin you’ll be using JWT token method to make the API connection.

  1. If you don’t have an ZOOM account, create your free account here:
  2. Once you have sign-up or logged in visit following link:

    MSA Arabic Tutor ZOOM API - Select Develop, Build App Screen

  3. Click on “Develop” on top of the page and choose “Build App”.

  4. Select “Create” at the JWT block.MSA Arabic Tutor ZOOM API - Select JWT create Screen

  5. A window popup and ask you for a name of your application. You can name it as you want!MSA Arabic Tutor - ZOOM API JWT App name Screen
  6. On the next screen you have to provide some basic information, like your name and company name. All other data are optional and can be skipped. Click to “Continue” on the bottom right.
    MSA Arabic Tutor - ZOOM API JWT App Basic Information Screen
  7. Et voilà, on the App Credentials page copy both API key and API secret keyMSA Arabic Tutor - ZOOM API JWT App API Credentials Screen
  8. Now open https://modern-standard- and copy and paste your keys where the labels are the same as in ZOOM.

ZOOM-API MSA API Credentials Screen

Finish the process by clicking to “Save & Validate”.

You should see the message:

Your keys are valid.

If your keys are incorrect, a error message will appear. In this case please check if you have copied the API keys correctly and repeat the previous steps.