Arabic in the times of Corona

Dear colleagues,

at the moment nobody knows whether there will be face-to-face classes again in the summer and winter semesters. In order to be prepared for all imponderables, we suggest the following way for the teaching of Arabic:

  1. First take a look at the e-Edition and the e-tests, the content of the lessons and the technical processes at
  2. The e-edition corresponds 100% to the printed book.
  3. However, it also offers access to approx. 8,000 audios, some videos, PC exercises, audios in high language and in 4 main dialects, a vocabulary trainer and an e-test at the end of each lesson.
  4. With the e-Edition and the e-tests, many areas of the acquisition of the Arabic language can be shifted to the home area and the frontal lessons and / or the video conference with the students can be used above all to develop communicative skills.
  5. Access to the e-Edition and the e-tests is free of charge for teachers.
  6. If you want to use the offer, please send a short email to profschulz[@]

With access to the e-Edition as a teacher, you also get access to EasyExam. This is a tool for teachers, with which you can design exams or tests yourself and carry them out online. You can e.g. clone / duplicate the existing e-tests, then shorten / change them and send them to your students as homework or design your own tests and carry out exams.

If you are registered as a teacher, you can do the following:

  1. open EasyExam,
  2. clone / duplicate the desired e-test from the displayed list of all e-tests,
  3. then update Create Exam by clicking on Refresh der Seite, Pfeil, button Kostenlos Symbol von General Icons
  4. shorten and change the duplicate test under Create Exam,
  5. then set up this test under Schedule Exam e.g. as homework,
  6. set the date and time / time period for the test,
  7. send the invitation link for the homework etc. to your students via email.

Students must be registered for the free trial at You get the results immediately with points and results statistics. If there are obvious typing errors, you can also correct individually the number of points assigned.

If you need help with the technical implementation, please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards

Eckehard Schulz